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KONASEEMA is an oasis of enchanting beauty, peace and tranquillity that is a dream tour destination for all. Its magnificent landscape, artistic temples, lavish greenery, lustrous coconut grooves and fields and its resilience takes your breath away.

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About Bhimavaram

Historical background:
Bhimavaram is a temple town of Lord Someswara, which is one of the five famous holy Pancharamas (five holy shrines of Lord Shiva). It is a pilgrim town, Where the king of Eastern Chalukya kings king Chalukya Bheema in the year 890-918 A.D he himself laid foundation and constructed a Siva temple. It is present Gunupudi. In the name of king Chalukya Bheema a town (puram) Bhimapuram developed.Bhimapuram gradually changed into present Bhimavaram town. Bhimavaram is the gift of king Chalukya Bheema. It is now developed into a prominent town. According to holy scriptures 'Bheema' means Lord Eeswara (lord Siva).

In the years 1120-1130 Bhimavaram main road linked with its adjacent villages Vissakoderu, Undi, Peda Amiram, in and around full of mango groves, and with Palmyra, tamarind and pipal trees. Then it is a Smallwood with thorny bushes. Difficult to walk even to pedestrians. In the year 1150 some migrate families cut the trees, cleared the thorn bushes, and leveled the land to dwell and settled. It is said by the elders then Bhimavaram is neither a town nor a village. It is in between even in the year 1935.

At present Bhimavaram:
Now present bhimavaram is a centre of aqua and paddy business. prime centre of commerce and business, a fully developed education centre with many education Institutions. Present with a population of 2 lakhs, divided into 39 wards geographically. Now it is upgraded as a selection grade Municipality. It is a prominent cultural centre. It is an epicenter of district political activities, facilitated with all Regional offices. It is a town where the per capita income is high. Here all products from cottage products to multinational sophisticated products available. It is not only an agricultural town but also aqua culture town. It is producing rich aqua wealth in our country and it is next to Cochin. (a major seaport city in Kerala state of India abundant with rich aqua wealth).

Bhimavaram is connected to by road and rail to all major cities. It has two railway stations (junction and town stations) and a bus station with a bus depot with several fleet of buses. It has train facility connected to metropolitan cities, such as Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Kolkota and connected with a train to temple city "Tirupathi". The Nearest AirPort is Rajahmundry (nearly 90.k.m) and Vijayawada (110 k.m)

Bhimavaram now progressing with overall development. It is a town of many religions, castes and sub castes. It is a cosmopolitan town with communal harmony and religious tolerance.

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